Poker Penalty and Games Tag

Hand-drawn cards and televised tables: players who participate in a tournament broadcast over the Internet or on television, must cooperate with the staff of the recording equipment. This includes showing your hand cards to the card camera located on the table. Otherwise, the corresponding player may be penalized.


Exposed cards: if a player shows his cards with one hand in play, he may be penalized. All players at the table have the right to see the exposed cards.


Exposure and concealment: Players who show their cards to a player who has already withdrawn and then withdraw their own cards may be penalized. Those players who commit this infraction repeatedly will be penalized.


Confabulation: poker is an individual game. The game of low intensity, the transfer of chips, the conspiracy to survive the bubble (for example, a table that is continuously withdrawn in the big blind before the bubble), etc. they are not allowed actions and may be subject to penalties.


Infringement of label: the repeated infraction of the rules of etiquette will be penalized, as determined by the tournament staff. Examples include, but are not limited to, unnecessarily touching other players’ cards or tokens, game delays, repeated out-of-turn performances, staining chips, intentionally gambling out of the dealer’s reach or talking excessively. Likewise, excessive and continued celebration may be penalized, as well as behavior, actions, behaviors or inappropriate gestures.


Obscene language: abuse of other players, tournament staff, casino or third parties will not be tolerated. Ordinary, obscene or offensive language directed at any player or employee may be penalized. The repeated use of an ordinary, obscene or offensive language not addressed to anyone in particular may also be penalized.


Penalties: include, but are not limited to, oral warnings, suspension of one or several hands, suspension of one or more orbits (one orbit consists of one hand for each player sitting at that tournament table) 6 players = suspension of 6 hands ), dead hands, elimination of the event, disqualification of the event (losing the right to obtain any prize won), expulsion from the event, expulsion from all events organized by the tournament sponsor.


Climbing: penalties are not always imposed in the same order of severity. Tournament staff may disqualify a player for the first breach if he considers that his behavior is serious enough. Players should be aware that any action that deserves a penalty may result in a wide variety of penalties including for a first breach.


Tournament property: Poker Stars Live tournament chips have no real value, and are the sole property of Poker Stars Live, so they can not be removed from the tournament zone (s) or the corresponding event. Players who carry chips from one event to another or from one player to another will be subject to penalties that may include disqualification and exclusion from all Poker Stars Live events.


Official language: Regarding events held in New Jersey by Maya US, the rule of English only will be enforced at all tables while playing. Players who break this rule will be sanctioned, including disqualification. For all other events, accepted languages ??will be announced when starting to play.


Right of cancellation: Poker Stars Live reserves, together with the organizer casino in which the Event is held, the right to cancel or modify any Event or Tournament at our sole and absolute discretion.

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