Innovate in the Hen House of Sports Betting

Taking into account the strict law that regulates online betting in our country and the existence of true international giants such as Bet 365, William Hill or B win, it is difficult to even imagine the existence of entrepreneurs trying to innovate in a sector as rigid as that of sports forecasts.


However, they exist. Beyond the big companies, there are several startups that try to gain a foothold in the sector giving a twist to traditional bets . Two of these promising projects have their origin in Spain: Bet-rocket and Pyckio try to revolutionize the market by highlighting the more social aspect of betting.


Free tournaments

If the classic approach is to face the user with the betting house (wins one or the other), Bet rocket created in 2013 an online gaming system in which the users themselves face each other to prove who knows more about sport matching their corresponding forecasts.


In tournaments with a small number of participants (five), users of this kind of social network have free chips with which to bet the result and the statistics of different sports.


“There are many people who would bet in a sports competition some time but because they do not lose money, they do not. We have been working in sports betting for about 3 years and in the last few months we have decided to create the alternative to bookmakers: without risking money, democratizing the game and adding the excitement of social games. ” Explains Joan Alvarez , CEO of Bet Rocket.


From the Spanish branch of the Plug And Play accelerator , with the investment of Dana Capital and an important company in the gaming sector and  the support of the business angel Carlos Blanca as a mentor, the three founders of Bet rocket gave a turn to the platform at the beginning of 2015 to create the true social game that it is now.


Together they have developed a premium business model with which the user may not spend a single euro to continue participating in tournaments.



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