Betting Rocks

When there is the possibility of buying more chips with real money, the platform allows you to acquire them for free by accepting specific advertising campaigns or with the classic invitation to our friends to be part of the community.


While from Bet rocket they plan a new round of financing and celebrate having exceeded 100,000 users, in  Pyckio , another Spanish platform, they also struggle to innovate in the difficult world of sports betting.


In this case, the social function of the project is much more obvious: the platform connects experts in various sports (called tipsters ) with Internet users who want to bet even if they do not have enough knowledge to make sure forecasts.


In the case of Pyckio, the prize is purely economic: the tipsters whose advice is more successful will create a community of players who will pay to access their recommendations and sports opinions.



In fact, since Pyckio have not invented anything new, but have taken advantage of the social features of the Internet to give a new approach to sports forecasts. Although there are plenty of betting experts on the Net, the platform created by financial market professional Daniel Mateos and his algorithm establishes a classification of tipsters based on their successes.

Everyone who believes he can be the best counselor and earn money thanks to this you can start making recommendations in Pyckio so that others can bet.


Thus, despite the apparent lack of flexibility in the online gaming sector , the fact is that innovation in the world of betting is possible and two Spanish startups struggle to prove it.


It is worth emphasizing that not only the bookmakers themselves benefit,  collaborators of information for users who like betting and who in a certain way promote the world. With the World Cup in Russia just around the corner, there is no other alternative but to imagine a new record in casino players, in bet amounts and also in prizes given by the bookmakers.


Both in Spain and in other parts of the world, but always with the illusion that all parties involved meet the standards of Responsible Gaming , something essential to prevent children from entering the game world as well as to prevent entry to the scene of gambling addiction.

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